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My Thai Childhood: Growing Up with Buddhist Blessings

Have you ever wondered what it's like to grow up steeped in the rich traditions of Buddhist meditation? If so, come take a journey with me back to my childhood in a quaint village nestled in southern Thailand. Here, over 50 years ago, the gentle hum of Buddhist chanting and the practice of meditation were woven into the very fabric of our daily lives.

Mindfulness from a Young Age: School Days Filled with Chanting and Stillness

At our village school, the rhythmic sounds of Buddhist chanting and moments of quiet meditation weren't just special occasions; they were part of our daily routine. These practices became as natural to us as breathing, gently grounding us in mindfulness from a young age. The serene chants and moments of stillness fostered a deep sense of peace and discipline that have stayed with me on my life's path.

A Mother's Devotion: Lessons in Generosity and Kindness

My mother, a pillar of faith in our community, was a devout Buddhist. Every Buddhist day, unless illness prevented her, she would rise with the sun, her heart brimming with devotion. Buddhist days were like big celebrations in our simple life. Together, once a week we'd prepare delicious food offerings for the monks and share some with those less fortunate.

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